Can I file a personal injury claim without a lawyer in Kentucky?

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You may be able to file a personal injury claim on your own in Kentucky if you weren’t seriously injured and the case is a basic one.

However, if your injuries were serious or if you are dealing with a complicated area of law, then you will want to speak with a Jefferson County accident attorney about your case.

Unless you have sustained serious, disabling or life-threatening injuries, it probably isn’t worth the cost and time of hiring an attorney. But when you are facing expensive medical costs to treat your injuries and may be out of work, then you will need legal counsel. 

An attorney can help you understand the types of damages you may be eligible to receive. Not only could you be entitled to current medical costs but future expenses. Or if you are not able to work, you could receive compensation for your lost earnings.

Negotiating a claim with the insurance company can be challenging. Insurance companies may attempt to diminish the amount of compensation you are seeking or even outright deny it.

Some areas of the law can also be very complex and time-consuming to work through. Personal injury claims involving medical malpractice and defective products require expertise.

Even some personal injury cases involving traffic accidents can become complicated, especially if more than 1 party is involved. Difficult cases such as these can’t usually be handled on your own. The best way to learn what direction to take with your personal injury claim is to consult with an attorney.

A Jefferson County accident attorney will carefully evaluate the details of your case to determine what options are available. 

Contacting a Jefferson County Accident Attorney

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