How do I show proof that my doctor failed to check the other medications I was taking for potential drug interactions in Louisville, Kentucky?

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In order to show proof that your doctor made a medication error by failing to check the other medications you were taking for potential drug interactions, you should gather all records of your prescriptions along with empty drug containers. Considering that your doctor most likely will have legal representation on his side, you should seek the guidance and support from a Louisville medication error attorney.

As soon as you suspect that your doctor failed to check the other medications you were taking, write down everything you can remember – down to the smallest detail. Write down the names of the nurses who administered the medications, and the time the drugs were given.

Also ask for your medical records as your doctor should have noted what other prescriptions you are taking. Whether your doctor did or did not write down this information is a vital clue that negligence existed. Doctors owe you a duty of care, which includes asking about the medications you are taking so your “drug cocktail” won’t give you adverse effects. Likewise, if your doctor did know about the prescriptions you’re taking and prescribed you the harmful medication anyway, he or she may have carelessly looked over your records before giving you the medication.

The more evidence you can provide, the better your chances are of receiving a full and fair settlement. Your medication error attorney can help you with this, in addition to providing you with ample resources, such as medical experts, to strongly support your case. 

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If you or a loved one has been the victim of a medication error because of the negligence of your doctor, pharmacists, or other medical staff, seek legal help. The attorneys at Gray and White are ready to take on your case and fight for the compensation and justice you deserve: 502-210-8942.