I visited my mom in her Louisville nursing home yesterday, and while I was there, one of the male residents wandered into her room. When he saw that I was there, he turned around and left. My mom said that he walks into her room often and makes suggestive remarks, and when she tells him to get out, he refuses. He only leaves when she presses the call button. The staff do not believe her when she describes what is happening; the man is apparently quite charming, and they like him. What can we do?

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If your mother is getting no satisfaction from talking with the staff, ask to speak to the nursing home manager. This is the type of situation managers do not want occurring in their facility, and he or she will probably take your mother’s complaints seriously.

It’s up to the nursing home manager to find a solution to the problem; that’s what they are trained and paid to do. There are a number of ways for the manager to address the situation:

  • Talk to the staff, making them aware that they must make sure that residents feel safe and know that staff members listen to them.
  • Talk to the male resident, letting him know that the behavior must stop—that your mother does not find it amusing.
  • Have the staff keep an eye on both your mother and the man and intervene if they see him entering your mother’s room.
  • As a last resort, the male resident could be moved to another facility.

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