I was injured in a Kentucky accident; what is alternative dispute resolution?

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In order to avoid your case going to trial, you may be ordered to undergo an alternative dispute resolution. When you pursue any type of claim involving serious injuries, it would be in your best interest to secure legal counsel from a Jefferson County accident lawyer.

An alternative dispute resolution can help avoid a costly and lengthy trial. One of the more common forms of this resolution is mediation.

Mediation is when both sides agree to have a mediator hear their case, a third party who has no vested interest with either party. Although the mediator does not have the authority to issue a final settlement, he or she can guide the parties through a process with the hopes of reaching one.

An advantage to using mediators is that they may see things in the case that others cannot because they are coming at it from a neutral standpoint. They may also be able to indicate the strengths and weaknesses of the case.  

Another form of alternative dispute resolution is arbitration. Although it is similar to a mediator in that the arbitrator is a neutral third party, the difference here is that an arbitrator can make a judgment on the case. Arbitration may be done with just 1 person or up to 3. 

The last form of alternative dispute resolution is a summary jury trial. It is done through the court system as a sort of mini-trial. However, there are many restrictions to it, limiting evidence and witnesses.

While all forms have both pros and cons, the main goal is to avoid a trial. For a better understanding of what you can expect from your case, contact a Jefferson County accident lawyer.

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