If I experience complications after undergoing gastric bypass surgery, can I hold my medical team liable for medical malpractice in Louisville, Kentucky?

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You may hold your medical team liable in a medical malpractice claim for a complication you experienced after undergoing gastric bypass surgery, if you were not told by your doctor about the risks of the surgery. If you believe your doctor made a mistake that caused you harm, seek a Louisville medical malpractice attorney to determine if you have a case worth to pursue. 

All types of surgery come with risk of complications because they are so invasive and gastric bypass surgery is no different. In fact, because it is such an extensive procedure, gastric bypass has many short-term and long-term effects; therefore, a complication is not uncommon. 

Although a medical professional may not be able to guarantee a perfect outcome, your doctor does have the duty to inform you of any risks that can occur and the steps you should take to help make the procedure and recovery successful. They should also be able to tell you the details of the procedure, the success rate and any alternative procedures so you can make an informed decision. 

If your doctor failed to inform you of a possible complication and you suffer serious injuries, then you may have a solid claim to pursue. You must be able to prove that your doctor did not tell you about the complication before the surgery and that you suffered an injury because of a lack of information. In addition, there must be evidence that you would not have gone through with the surgery had you known about the risk beforehand. 

If you believe your gastric bypass surgery complications were caused by the negligence of your doctor or other medical staff, contact a Louisville medical malpractice attorney from Gray & White. They have successfully settled many lawsuits at the state and federal levels and have won multi-million dollar cases for their clients. Contact them today at (502) 210-8942.