What role do insurance companies play in fatal boat accident recoveries?

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You are still dealing with the news that your spouse, child, or parent died on the Ohio River, Barren River Lake, or another body of water in Kentucky. While you are busy notifying family members, making arrangements, and grieving, the insurance adjuster may be busy calling you. The adjuster may identify himself as calling from the company that insures the owner and operator of the boat your loved one was on at the time of his death. However, you may have questions about why this person is calling you now.

Insurance Companies May Provide Financial Recoveries—Be Extremely Careful

If you have a possible wrongful death claim against the owner or operator of the boat, then the insurance company may be responsible for paying that claim and they may want to do so quickly. That may sound good, but quickly does not always mean fairly. The insurance company may try to get you to settle your case for less than it is worth in the weeks immediately following the accident. Once you settle, you are very unlikely to ever recover any additional money later.

You Need to Get it Right the First Time

You need to watch what you say to insurance adjusters who can use what you say against you later. You don’t need the stress or aggravation of playing the insurance company games while you are mourning the loss of your loved one. Instead, you have the right to tell the insurance company to call your lawyer.

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