Why should I put my child through the trauma of a trial if she’s already suffered a brain injury in a Market Street accident?

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We are sorry to hear about your daughter’s brain injury. We understand that this can be a difficult time for your daughter, and your family, and that you want to spare your child any further stress.

As you move forward, however, we want you to be aware of a couple of things. First, contacting a lawyer is not the same thing as going to trial. While an experienced lawyer will not hesitate to go to trial to protect your daughter’s legal rights, most cases settle before a trial begins. A settlement can help provide your daughter with the money necessary to pay for past and future medical expenses—including valuable rehabilitation therapies—to pay for her educational needs, and to support her if the injuries she sustained in the Market Street accident have left her unable to earn an income in the future.

Next, we want you to know that even if your daughter’s case does not settle, a trial need not be traumatic. Our empathetic lawyers will work hard to make sure that your child is comfortable. You, and your child, will know what to expect during every step of the process.

We know that a lawsuit is a difficult thing to consider and that, more than anything, you want your child’s life to go back to the way it was before another vehicle collided with yours on Market Street. A lawsuit, whether or not it goes to trial, may be able to help you accomplish your goals.

To find out how the legal process has benefited other brain injury victims in Kentucky, please read our success stories.