Louisville Medical Error Attorney Answers the Question: What is the danger of drugs with similar names?

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The dangers associated with drugs with similar names can be lethal. Many drug names sound similar, but that does not mean that they react similarly when taken. A medication error should not be taken lightly, since many instances lead to serious injuries, illnesses, or even worse, death. If you or a loved one was prescribed medication incorrectly, you may have a valid legal case. It is best to get in touch with a Louisville medication error attorney who is familiar with these types of cases and is determined to fight for justice on your behalf. 

With similar spelling and names that sound alike, Valtrex and Valcyte are commonly-confused drugs; however, one is used to treat shingles and genital herpes, while the other is used to treat retinitis. 

Sertraline and cetirizine have also been frequently confused, even though they don’t look like. One is an allergy medication and the other is an anti-depressant. They do, however, sound alike when spoken, so it’s important that doctors and pharmacists confirm the drug that should be prescribed. 

Even if a medical mishap does not cause death, it can cause severe bodily damage or hospitalization. This can not only result in extensive medical bills, but may also lead to mental anguish for the victim. 

Mistakes with dosages, dispensing the wrong medication, and mixing up the medication with that of another patient may occur because of a doctor’s illegible handwriting, miscommunication, or fatigue. It helps to know exactly what medication your doctor is prescribing and for what purpose. Make sure you address any questions or concerns with your doctor or pharmacist, and you may benefit from doing some of your own research as well. 

Contacting a Louisville Medication Error Attorney for Help 

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