My baby suffered a birth injury at a military hospital in Kentucky. Can I sue?

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man in army fatigues holding babyYes, you may be able to bring a lawsuit on your child’s behalf if your child suffers a birth injury in a military hospital.

Approximately 100,000 babies are born to military families each year. Some of these births occur at military hospitals such as the Ireland Army Health Clinic in Fort Knox, Kentucky. Military hospitals strive to provide the best possible care for military families, but sometimes things go wrong. A doctor or a nurse may be negligent, for example, and that negligence can result in serious—potentially life-threatening—risks for your baby.

Birth Injury Dangers at Military Hospitals

Military hospitals are typically smaller than civilian hospitals and see fewer complicated maternity cases than other hospitals. According to The New York Times, “Military hospitals perform worse than leading civilian hospitals in most safety categories involving maternity patients.” The research found that:

  • Trauma to infants during birth was 95% higher at military hospitals than the civilian hospital benchmark.
  • Postpartum hemorrhage was 43% higher at military hospitals than the civilian hospital benchmark.
  • Shoulder dystocia resulting in harm to the infant was 40% higher at military hospitals than the civilian hospital benchmark.

For example, the New York Times reported that the rate of shoulder dystocia at Blanchard Army Community Hospital in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, was more than two times higher than the civilian hospital benchmark.

What to Do If Your Baby Suffers a Birth Injury at a Military Hospital

Your first two steps should be the same as they would be if your baby suffered a birth injury at any hospital. You need to make sure that your baby gets a fast and accurate diagnosis and you need to contact an experienced birth injury lawyer.

While it is often hard to sue the government, there are laws in place to protect you and your child if you are hurt by medical negligence. Our experienced birth injury lawyers can help you understand your child’s rights and fight for your child’s fair and just recovery. 

Has Your Family Been Impacted By A Birth Injury?

If your family has been impacted by a birth injury you need to speak with an experienced birth injury attorney as soon as possible. Contact us online or call our office directly at 888.450.4456 to schedule a free consultation.

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