My 23-year-old daughter suffered a brain injury during a routine operation, and her primary care physician advised me to get her a life care planner. What exactly would a life care planner do for her?

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According to, a life care planner is a medical professional who uses his or her knowledge, experience, and judgment to develop a comprehensive recovery plan for an individual who has sustained catastrophic injury or has chronic health problems, psychiatric conditions, neurological conditions, and other long-term disabilities. They work with a patient’s family, doctors, attorney, insurance companies, and others to develop a plan that maintains and even improves the patient’s quality of life. 

Life care planners may be employed by your daughter’s insurance company, her lawyer, or a government agency. They can be liaisons between her medical care providers and her lawyers. After consulting with your daughter’s doctors, the life care planner can assess current and future medical needs. Using this information, the planner may estimate future medical and long-term care costs. 

Given the analysis of needed care and medical treatment—immediate and future—the life care planner may be called upon to testify for your daughter regarding the loss of future wages, rehabilitation needs, and other medical costs. 

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