My mother has been living in my house, and my wife has been taking care of her. My children are in grade school. I just found a spot for my mother in a nearby Kentucky nursing home. I didn’t want to do this, but I have to. My wife has to start bringing in a second income or we’ll lose our house. How can I make this transition easier for my mother?

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It’s never easy to send an elderly parent into a nursing home—you feel as if you are shirking your responsibility; you’re not. You have a responsibility to your wife and children. Besides, how would you take care of your mother if you lose your house?

Talk with her about the situation; chances are, she will understand. Focus on the Family recommends that if she attends a church, contact the pastor and see if he or she can be at the nursing home to greet your mother when she arrives.

Make sure that your mother has belongings in her room that are precious to her, although it’s probably best not to display expensive items so they are not stolen. A favorite bedspread, some framed photographs, and a CD player with music that she likes will make the place seem like home.

Once your mom has settled in, try to get her involved in some of the activities at the facility—ones that she would truly enjoy. If possible, participate yourself the first few times until she gets to know and get comfortable with the other residents.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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