Should I be concerned about the safety of a 15-passenger van in the event of an auto accident in Kentucky?

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As with any vehicle, there are safety concerns that you should be aware of, even with a 15-passenger van. When you or a loved one has been the victim of an auto accident in Kentucky, you should seek legal counsel from a Jefferson County accident attorney to learn what options may be available.

For drivers, a 15-passenger van has been shown to be safer. However, for occupants, the same isn’t true. Those who are passengers in a 15-passenger van are more at risk of suffering serious or fatal injuries.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, between the years 2005 and 2009, there were 33 driver deaths (which is less than half the death rate for drivers of cars, SUVs, minivans and pickups). 

However, for the occupants of 15-passenger vans, there were more deaths when compared to passengers of all other types of vehicles. One factor is that there are usually more passengers in this type of vehicle, so when there is an accident, there are more people who are at risk.

No matter what type of vehicle you drive or ride in, the chance exists that someone else will act in a careless or reckless manner and cause an auto accident in Kentucky. If this is the case and you have been seriously injured, then you should learn what your rights are and how you can best protect them.

Consulting with an attorney should be your next step. An attorney can evaluate your case carefully and determine if you have a legitimate claim worth filing.

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