It’s extremely likely. In a recent study done at the University of South Florida, researchers found that 71 percent of residents in Florida nursing homes were being given regular doses of psychoactive medications. Most of these had started on the drugs within three months of admission and had no medical reason to be receiving them.

Using medication as a patient restraint is a frightening form of Kentucky nursing home abuse. Many care facilities will “tranquilize” their patients with off-label doses of medication to keep them calm, even comatose, and therefore easier to handle. Aside from being unethical, these off-label prescriptions can cause a number of health problems for the patient.

Here are just a few potential dangers of overmedication in Louisville nursing homes:

Hallucinations. Anti-psychotic medications can cause confusion, dizziness, and delirium, making it more likely that elderly residents will suffer falls or hospitalization.

Drug interactions.Nursing home residents take an average of ten prescriptions daily. These may easily interact with the off-label drug and cause a potentially fatal interaction.

Wrongful death. If patients are being sedated on a regular basis, the medication may cause their heart to slow down or even stop, leading to a devastating family loss.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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