You’ve transferred your loved one to a nursing home because her medical needs were simply too involved for you to continue caring for her at home. You trusted that the skilled nursing staff would protect her and that she would receive her necessary medications at the right times. However, that doesn’t always happen for every resident in every nursing home. Sometimes, serious medication mistakes are made, and your loved one could be hurt if it happens to her.

5 Types of Nursing Home Medication Errors

Medication errors can occur when doctors, nurses, and other nursing home staff members fail to take reasonable precautions. For example:

  • A resident may be given the wrong dose of medication.
  • A resident may not receive the prescribed medication.
  • The medication may be given to the wrong resident.
  • The medication may be in the wrong form (e.g. pill form instead of liquid).
  • The medication may be provided to the patient at the wrong time. 

Any of these scenarios can result in potentially serious harm for the nursing home resident. In some cases a medication mistake may result in irreversible health consequences or even death—and, in many cases, the mistake may have been preventable.

Contact a Louisville Nursing Home Injury Lawyer if Your Loved One’s Been Hurt

If your loved one has been injured, then your family deserves to know your loved one’s legal rights and more about her possible legal recovery. Please contact an experienced Louisville nursing home injury attorney today via this website or at 800.634.8767 or 502.210.8942 to learn more.

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