What are my options to pay for out-of-pocket expenses for my Kentucky injury lawsuit?

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How out-of-pocket expenses are handled in a Kentucky injury lawsuit is up to each individual attorney. Some attorneys work at an hourly rate, whereas others will work for a percentage of the winnings, known as a contingency fee. In many contingency fee agreements, a Louisville auto accident lawyer is only compensated if the case is won or a settlement reached. In this way, it is in the attorney’s best interest to recoup the largest settlement fund possible.

Your attorney may withhold billing you for out-of-pocket expenses during your Kentucky injury lawsuit until the case is settled. Expenses can include court filing costs, document handling fees, expert witness fees, traveling expenses, investigative services, testimony transcripts, the cost of pulling certain records and others.

Typically, these costs are reimbursed first when your case is successfully settled. Because it can vary from lawyer to lawyer, ask if the out-of-pocket expenses will be deducted before or after the contingency fee is calculated.

In some cases, you may need to rely on lawsuit funding options so that you don’t have to settle your case prematurely for a lesser reward. Because injury cases can drag on for months and sometimes even longer, those who need money for everyday expenses may consider lawsuit funding to defray those costs while the case is running its course.

Some legal funding options give non-recourse funding to plaintiffs, which means you only have to pay back the money you are lent if a settlement of judgment is reached, in which case, the funds will be paid out of the settlement amount.

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