What are some telltale signs that the Kentucky hospital I’m staying in has unsanitary conditions?

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Although you can’t always detect unsanitary hospital conditions, there are some telltale signs that may indicate a problem. When you have suffered an illness, such as a hospital-acquired infection, and you believe it was caused by an unclean and unsterile environment, a Kentucky medical negligence lawyer may be able to help.

Some signs are obvious that the hospital you are being treated in isn’t sanitary. For instance, you may observe that surfaces around the room are dirty. Hospital drapes, garments and bedding may be soiled.

Another telltale sign of unsanitary hospital conditions is when you notice the doctors or nurses don’t wash their hands, or they are obviously sick and haven’t taken measures to keep their germs from spreading, such as by wearing a mask.

You may also notice that hazardous materials, such as IV needles, aren’t properly disposed of, or the medical equipment may appear to be unclean.

The problem with unsanitary hospital conditions is that they increase the chance of illness, especially infection. But if your immune system is already compromised, it could also increase your chance of health complications, or diseases from other patients can be spread.

However, the reality is that even if the hospital appears to be clean, it may not be. It could be unsterile without you realizing it.

In any event, the risk of becoming seriously ill because of unsanitary conditions is high. You may be able to file a claim against the hospital if you have become seriously ill because of it.

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