What are the risks associated with having a transvaginal mesh procedure in a Louisville hospital?

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There are several risks associated with having a transvaginal mesh procedure done in a Louisville hospital. This vaginal sling has been allowed to stay on the market, despite FDA warnings of potential complications. If you were injured as a result of prolapsed bladder surgery complications, Louisville injury lawyers are here to help.

Pelvic organ prolapse is a condition in which organs in the pelvic region can bulge out of the vagina. The uterus, rectum and bladder are common organs that are affected.

While the standard treatment has been to stitch together the connective tissue, providing stability to the vagina’s weakened wall, a vaginal sling procedure is an alternative.

This involves permanently implanting a mesh that provides better support to the vaginal wall. However, despite the benefits of this procedure, there are serious prolapsed bladder surgery complications that can arise.

Some of the risks associated with the vaginal sling include: 

  • extreme pelvic pain;
  • excessive bleeding;
  • inflammation in the pelvic area;
  • development of urinary incontinence;
  • perforation of pelvic organs; and
  • mesh erosion. 

In addition, some women have to undergo multiple surgeries, which don’t always work, leading to debilitating injuries. Emotional damage can be suffered as well.

When you have suffered prolapsed bladder surgery complications, you could be eligible to pursue a claim for damages. Louisville injury lawyers who handle cases involving medical malpractice and defective products can evaluate the details to determine what your legal options are. Speak with a lawyer as soon as possible because a delay could hurt your chance at possible recovery of damages.

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