What is the importance of an expert witness in a Kentucky personal injury claim?

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When you are pursuing a Kentucky personal injury claim, it may become necessary to utilize an expert witness to strengthen the credibility of your claim. Legal counsel from your Louisville accident attorney can make that determination and find the most beneficial expert witnesses available for your case.

Certain types of claims may require the help of an expert witness, which is often true especially in medical malpractice cases. However, other areas of the law may become complicated for a number of reasons; therefore, also may require the help of an expert witness.

Some of the other types of cases in which an expert witness may be beneficial include: 

  • personal injury;
  • product liability;
  • nursing home abuse/neglect; and
  • wrongful death. 

In general, you can expect that if specialized knowledge is required, these expert witnesses can help significantly. However, there may also be technical or scientific information presented that a typical witness may not be able to address.

The basis for using any type of expert witness is to clarify and explain the issues that surround the case. While attorneys may have knowledge of many areas surrounding your particular type of case, they may be limited in certain types of issues. The same is true for a judge and jury, so an expert witness can be of help to numerous parties.

While it is true that it is expensive to call on an expert witness, it could help your case and affect the outcome. To learn what you can expect to happen in your Kentucky personal injury claim, you should speak with a Louisville accident attorney soon after your accident.

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