What makes someone vulnerable to elder abuse in a nursing home in Louisville?

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If your aging family member is residing in a nursing home in Louisville, you may find yourself wondering if he or she is susceptible to abuse. There are some factors that can make the elderly more prone to abuse, and if you suspect an incident has already occurred, you’ll want to contact local authorities immediately, as well as a Louisville nursing home abuse attorney.

One of the biggest factors that makes someone more vulnerable to elderly abuse is a poor social support system. If a resident in a nursing home in Louisville is isolated or doesn’t interact with family members very often, he or she is much more likely to undergo abuse.

The second risk factor is mental impairments. Victimizers will often look for adults who have a history of psychiatric illness or other cognitive problems. The perpetrators know that the victim may not be able to articulate, verbalize or report the abuse.

There is absolutely no excuse for elderly abuse. Aging adults have the right to proper care and treatment, and it’s tragic when those rights are disregarded.

If you suspect elderly abuse, you’ll want to take immediate action; delaying may put your loved one in danger. You also can contact a Louisville nursing home abuse attorney to be your family’s advocate as you seek to hold the responsible parties liable for any harm inflicted. Your loved one may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and any incidental expenses directly related to the abuse.

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