What rights do I have as a family member to visit my relative in a nursing home?

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Family members are not limited to visiting hours in a nursing home. Abuse of this right by an assisted living facility breaks the federal regulations set forth by the Bill of Rights from the Nursing Home Reform Act, and you may want to contact a Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer

There are three common courtesy rules you may want to keep mind when seeing your family member outside the regularly scheduled visiting hours. 

  • Respect the wishes of your loved one – The Nursing Home Reform Act was instituted to protect the rights of nursing home residents. If your family member asks you to leave or not to visit during certain time periods, he or she has every right to do so and you should honor those wishes.
  • Respect the wishes of other residents – A nursing home facility is the residents’ home. You should be mindful of them. Try to be respectful of their need to rest, eat, recreate, and worship, among other things.
  • Respect the residents’ rights to privacy – When visiting during off-hours, you may be advised by the facility to move to another location within the building. Normally, this is so you do not infringe upon the other residents’ rights to privacy. This is within the legal rights of the facility. 

Nursing homes are required by law to honor the rights of their residents; however, not all nursing homes do so. If you are told you cannot see your family member because it is outside normal visiting hours, you can demand access. A facility that restricts you from seeing your loved one is in violation of the resident’s rights and may be hiding nursing home abuse. 

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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