What steps can I take at the pharmacy to avoid a Kentucky prescription error?

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With the rising cost of healthcare, it is common for patients to focus more on the cost of their prescription medication than on the drugs the pharmacist is handing over.

This can be dangerous—especially if you are taking several different types of medication. The number one mistake that people make at the pharmacy is not double-checking their medications before consuming them.

Everyone makes mistakes and pharmacists are no exception. However, a mistake made at the pharmacy can be extremely detrimental to your health. That is why it is absolutely imperative to check the medication you are picking up to make sure that it is the right drug, in the right dose, with your name and contact information and your prescribing doctor’s name right there on the bottle.

The Kentucky prescription error attorneys at Gray & White Law suggest you use the following tips to help reduce the chance of a prescription error:

  • Stick with one pharmacy in one location. This may help the pharmacist get to know you and the drugs you take.
  • If you have a question, go inside instead of going through the drive through. Fast-moving lines and inaudible speaker systems have the potential to cause miscommunication. It is best to speak with a pharmacist directly.
  • Ask for color-coded bottles. If there are many people in your household, ask that the pharmacy to assign a different color to each person and use that colored ring when filling their prescription.
  • Provide the pharmacy with your middle name to reduce the risk that you are confused with another person. This is especially important if you have common name.


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