Taken Out at the Ball Game: Sporting Events Are a Major Cause of Distracted Driving

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Spring has finally arrived! Baseball season has started again, kids are pacing muddy soccer fields and teenagers are flooding basketball courts to practice their one-on-one. Before you know it, the whole family will be gearing up to spend a day out in shorts, eating hot dogs, and cheering on their favorite team.

But for many people, that trip to the stadium will end in a fender-bender that could have been avoided.

Game Days Cause Distracted Driving Accidents

You may not have considered it, but there are far more dangers involved in going to and from an arena than on other days of the week. There are numerous distractions competing for a driver’s attention during sporting events, including:

  • Advertising – Crowds are a prime target for all kinds of businesses. Loud banners, flashy billboards, hired planes flying with long messages trailing behind—even people in suits waving signs are trying desperately to catch your eyes.
  • Traffic – With an increase in reckless drivers, cars pushing through turns at the last minute, and people inching their way through crossings, more cars will always mean more accidents.
  • Pedestrians – Not only will there be far more people on the road, there will also be a flood of people on the streets—walking in between cars, crossing in the middle of the street, and running to beat the lights at crosswalks. You could be struck as the driver behind you tries to avoid someone on foot, or a pedestrian may be hit as a driver pulls out of a parking space.
  • Radio – It’s great to listen to the broadcast of pre-game coverage while on your way to the park, but screaming at plays while driving can divert your attention from the road and take your hands off the wheel.
  • Vendors – Street merchants capitalize on the swarm of people who come for the game, blocking curbs, spilling over sidewalks—even forcing pedestrians into the roadway.
  • Crowd noise – It’s easy to miss a crossing guard whistle or beeping car horn over the yelling and screaming of the crowd—especially if the nearby sound system is broadcasting live.
  • Rival teams – Waving pennants and heightened emotions may cause road rage, particularly in a traffic jam as both locals and visitors rush to leave the stadium after the game.

Of course, there could be many factors that could have caused your game day distracted driving crash. If someone is found liable for the accident, he or she could be responsible for the costs of your injury and the repairs to your vehicle, but you must have the accident investigated to know for sure.

Know someone who takes their family out to a game every year? We encourage you to send them a link to this article to remind them about the dangers of game day traffic distractions!

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