Was Your Child’s Cerebral Palsy Caused at Birth or During Pregnancy?

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You may have read about cerebral palsy while you were pregnant, but you never thought it could happen to your baby. After all, it’s caused by prolonged labor or delivery problems, and you didn’t suffer either one. So how did your baby come to suffer a neurological condition at birth?

The truth is, there are many possible causes of cerebral palsy in children. One of the most common is abnormal development of the brain during pregnancy. The brain is responsible for both the mental and physical capabilities of the body, and any damage during gestation can alter the way the brain communicates with the child’s muscles, senses, and higher brain functions. 

Children are especially vulnerable to abnormal brain development during the first six months of pregnancy. It is widely known that a lack of oxygen to the baby can affect brain development, but brain problems can also be caused by a number of other factors, including:

  • Genetic mutations. In some cases, the genes responsible for the baby’s brain development grow erratically, causing mental and physical side effects.
  • Parasites. If the mother is infected with a parasite, such as toxoplasmosis, it may spread to the fetus and interrupt or alter mental development.
  • Viral infections. Certain viruses, such as herpes, can alter the normal brain function in a healthy fetus.
  • Trauma. An accident or sudden blow to the mother’s abdomen or the unborn baby’s head can cause development problems.

No matter how your child came to suffer cerebral palsy in Louisville, his treatment will likely be expensive and last for the rest of his life. At Gray and White, we can help you get the additional income you need to pay for your child’s medical bills, physical therapy, and assistance devices, giving him the best chance of living a normal life with his condition.

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