Was a Kentucky Hospital Error to Blame for Your Loved One’s Brain Injury?

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When people go into the hospital, whether for a routine check-up or a major procedure, they are doing it for one reason: to improve their health. Unfortunately for many of these patients, just the opposite will prove true. 

Here are just a few ways hospital malpractice can cause a brain injury in Kentucky:

  • Anesthesia injuries. The risks of an overdose of anesthesia can range from slowed heart rate to brain injury or even death.
  • Misdiagnosis. The wrong diagnosis can lead to delayed treatment or potentially prove fatal, such as missing the telltale signs of a stroke.
  • Birth injuries. Mothers may find that a delayed birth caused infant hypoxia, cutting off blood flow to the infant’s brain and resulting in permanent brain damage.
  • Surgical errors. A surgical mistake, such as administering blood thinners or nicking an artery during a procedure, can lead to internal bleeding, loss of blood pressure, and ultimately brain cell death.
  • ER mistakes. Many mistakes go undetected in the hustle and bustle of a busy emergency room. Some common errors include delayed diagnosis, incomplete testing or early release.
  • Medication mistakes. A prescription drug error can easily cause bleeding, heavy sedation or overdose, leaving a patient to suffer irreversible brain injury as a result.
  • Negligence. Improper training, lack of patient monitoring and simple human error can cause a patient to receive a fatal medication or lose oxygen to the brain. 

Injuries due to hospital negligence will leave family members feeling shocked, outraged, and fearful. They are overcome with regret and anxiety, and they do not know the first thing about holding the hospital responsible for its actions—and in the meantime, they will suffer increased medical costs and a loss of family income. 

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