What Can be Done to Prevent Financial Abuse in Kentucky Nursing Homes

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There are three types of potential Kentucky nursing home abuse cases that residents and their loved ones must know about. Specifically, nursing home residents in Kentucky and across the United States may be at risk of suffering from physical, emotional, or financial abuse. While the potential complications from physical and emotional abuse are among the most serious forms of abuse, it is important not to overlook the potential impact of financial abuse. 

When a nursing home resident is robbed of his money or assets, the resident may be unable to:

  • Enjoy the comforts he or she should enjoy in old age.
  • Afford to stay in the nursing home facility that has become his home.
  • Pass down an inheritance to his loved ones as planned.

Most importantly, the resident has become a victim of theft and financial abuse. He has been victimized in a way that should never happen, and more may be able to be done to prevent this type of abuse from occurring.

Preventing Financial Abuse in Kentucky Nursing Homes Will Be a Team Effort

While many cases of elderly financial abuse occur outside of nursing homes, nursing home residents are not immune. Nursing home residents and their families may be protected from this type of abuse if there was greater collaboration between families, nursing home staff, federal agencies, banks, and state authorities so that signs of possible financial abuse could be recognized and investigated early. Together, we can work to protect nursing home residents from this serious type of abuse.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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