KY Medication Error Alert: Acetaminophen Overdoses in Infants and Young Children (Part B)

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In April 2011, the FDA discovered that confusion about the differing concentrations of acetaminophen was causing overdoses in infants and children. One of the more serious injuries that some infants suffered was liver damage. Sadly, some of those children died as a result of liver failure. Despite some manufacturers making changes to their concentration (lowering them), others have not, and they continue to be sold on shelves. Additionally, there may be some in the medicine cabinets of many homes. The potential for a medication error to happen is significantly high.

Determining Negligence Caused by a Medication Error

Not only could a manufacturer be held liable for a medication error, but so could a doctor or pharmacist if they are found to be negligent. When there is an awareness of known risks and a doctor or pharmacist fails to inform a parent, this could be a case of medical negligence.

Or if the doctor or pharmacist gives instructions on how much medication to administer and it leads to an overdose, they may also be found liable. Determining liability in this type of case is best done with legal help, such as from Louisville medication error lawyers.

Compensation Resulting from a Medication Error

Whether your infant or child suffered liver damage or any other severe type of injury, you could be entitled to compensation that addresses your medical expenses. This may include hospitalization, surgery and doctor visits. 

If your child’s injuries were fatal, then you may be entitled to receive wrongful death benefits that can address not only burial and funeral expenses but pain and suffering and more. To learn what your legal rights are and if you have the right to pursue legal action, consult Louisville medication error lawyers as soon as possible.

A lawyer may be able to also assist you with the complicated paperwork that is involved and the collection of evidence. Don’t delay in learning what your legal rights are because time may be of the essence.

Contacting Louisville Medication Error Lawyers

A Louisville medication error lawyer at Gray and White can help you handle every aspect of your medication error claim. If you’ve become the victim of a medication error in Kentucky, contact us today for a free evaluation of your case – 1-888-450-4456 or 1-502-210-8942.