Poor city planning can cause a car crash due to rock-slides, floods, and dangerous snow piles. A lawyer discusses liability after a fatal Pike County KY crash.

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Now that the snow has fallen and the plows are working overtime to clear the roads, you may be tempted to think that the worst of the winter driving season is over. Unfortunately, the piles of snow sitting by the roadside can be just as hazardous as the inches covering the streets.

Drivers should be extra careful of these elements after a snowstorm that can contribute to a fatal Pike County KY crash:

  • Visibility – All the snow that has been pushed off of sidewalks and streets has to go somewhere, usually in large piles at intersections that can get over six feet high. This makes it difficult for drivers to see oncoming traffic as well as pedestrians crossing behind the drifts.
  • Obscured signs – Although it is illegal to pile snow in front of road signs, drifting snow may obscure all or part of a stop, yield, or caution sign—and it may take days for power companies to restore damaged traffic lights.
  • Flooding – The accumulated snow will likely melt quickly once temperatures begin to rise, causing flooded streets, hydroplaning, and skidding accidents across the state.
  • Fallen tree limbs – Snow removal operators typically only remove snow on the ground, but it can easily pile up on branches overhanging city streets. If a weak branch becomes overloaded, it may suddenly snap and fall to the road below.
  • Rock-slides – Several people are injured every year as a result of rockslides in KY. While nobody can predict when these accidents will happen, installing guardrails around past rockslide areas can help prevent future injuries—especially during changes in the weather.

This winter is a cold one, and more snow is on its way. Feel free to help your friends and family stay safe by sending them a link to this article on Facebook or by email.

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