Everyone seems to want your loved one to do something if she has been hurt by nursing home abuse or negligence in Kentucky. You, and her other relatives, likely want her to take certain actions to protect her physical, financial, and emotional well-being. The state authorities and her doctors may also want her to take certain actions. While all of these things may be important and may be in her best interest, it is important that your loved one also understand what she shouldn’t do after a nursing home injury.

3 Things Your Loved One Should Avoid after Nursing Home Abuse

All nursing home abuse cases are unique. What is right for one victim may not be right for another. However, a few things should give most nursing home abuse victims pause. Specifically, your loved one may refuse to:

  • Stay quiet. If your loved one stays quiet, then she may have to suffer the consequences of the abuse without assistance, and those responsible for the abuse may never be brought to justice.
  • Sign an agreement for damages. The agreement may be binding. It is important for it to be reviewed by an experienced Kentucky nursing home abuse lawyer before it is signed.
  • Sign anything that says the nursing home, or specific individuals, were not at fault for her injuries. This could jeopardize her future recovery.

Of course, your loved one should also refuse to do anything with which she is uncomfortable and should always pause and speak with a loved one or a Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer if she is concerned.

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