The Benefits of Having a Law Firm Nurse on Your Legal Team

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Not every law firm has a staff nurse, but at Gray & White Law, our nurse is an essential part of our team and an invaluable resource for our clients.

What Does a Law Firm Nurse Do?

Our nurse does not treat clients, but she is often an important part of their physical and legal recoveries. The staff nurse at Gray & White Law…

  • Understands clients’ medical care needs after an injury. She can help individual clients understand what type of consistent medical care they should get after they’ve been hurt.
  • Thoroughly reviews medical records in an efficient and expedited manner. This information is important to a client for a few reasons. First, in order to make a financial recovery through the legal system after an accident, a client must show how extensive the harm done was, and prove that the injuries were caused by the accident; this allows the justice system to try to put a price tag on the injuries. An on-staff nurse is readily available to do just that for our attorneys and clients. Second, many doctors’ appointments can be rushed and it may be difficult to think of all of your questions. A staff nurse can advise you about when to follow up with your doctor, whether you should consult with additional specialists, and what questions you might want to ask your treating physician.
  • Communicates with clients in a personable way and helps clients understand what the future may hold for them, given the injuries they have suffered.
  • Works with expert witnesses and assists in case discovery. A nurse understands what questions to ask, what answers to demand, and how to communicate with medical experts.

One, or all, of these responsibilities may directly benefit you if you’ve been injured by a defective medical product, victimized by medical malpractice, hurt in a serious motor vehicle accident, or suffering because of another type of negligence.

Meet Our Nurse, Cathy Jones

Cathy Jones has more than 25 years of experience as a nurse and has been with us for about 15 years. Cathy earned her Associate and Bachelor Degrees in Nursing from the University of Louisville, and her Masters of Science in Nursing from Indiana University.

Before joining Gray & White Law, Cathy worked at Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital in Louisville as a medical-surgical nurse and an ICU nurse, and as a part-time instructor at the Jefferson Community College School of Nursing.

Today, Cathy is a staff nurse at Gray & White Law and is an integral part of our team.

Work With Cathy—and the Entire Gray & White Team—to Get the Recovery You Deserve

Cathy is a very valuable member of our team, and works on every case where her expertise can help. That is the approach we take for every client at Gray & White Law. Every one of our attorneys, paralegals, our nurse, and our other staff members work on every case. We are committed to using all of our resources, including our staff nurse, to focus on each individual case and to give each individual client the attention he deserves and the help he needs to recover as fully as possible after an injury.