9-Year-Old Boy Attacked, Bitten by Pit Bull in Lexington Neighborhood

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On July 17, 2012, LEX18 reported that the incident occurred when a boy was walking to the store with his sisters along Maryland Avenue at about 12 p.m. Tuesday. The dog, described as a white pit bull with brown and black spots, lunged at the boy and bit his face and head. The boy’s mother saw the attack and attempted to pull the dog off of her son. This resulted in the mother being bitten as well. 

The boy was seriously injured in the attack. According to his grandmother, Carolynn Elliott, he will have to undergo plastic surgery and a series of rabies shots on top of other treatments. “Being nine years old, that’s a lot for him to go through,” Elliott said of the attack and the upcoming treatments her grandson will have to face. Despite there being a long road of treatment ahead of him, the young boy is expected to recover and be alright in the end. 

According to the chief of Lexington Animal Control, officials are still looking for the dog. The dog will be quarantined once found. Police are also still looking for the dog’s owner. With over 4.7 million dog bites occurring every year in the United States, you would think that people would learn to be more careful with their pets. 

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