Drug Firms May Be Forced to Report Payments to Doctors

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According to The New York Times, drug firms may be forced to report payments made to doctors. This move by the Obama administration could potentially help protect patients from becoming the victim of a medication error.

Research indicates that when doctors are provided financial incentives, it can change the way they prescribe drugs. With greater accountability however, it may increase the chance that a doctor will look out for a patient’s best interests when making a decision on prescription medications.

The New York Times reports that doctors are more willing to take risks when prescribing drugs if they’re going to receive a payment from that manufacturer. They’re also more willing to prescribe medication in ways that haven’t been approved. 

The plan would be for any payments given to doctors to be made available to the public on the internet. Additionally, manufacturers would also need to report not only actual monies given to doctors but other incentives, such as contributions to marketing a new product.

A failure to report could lead to a $10,000 penalty for the manufacturer. If they knowingly fail to report, each violation could cost them $100,000, totaling up to $1 million each year.

When doctors knowingly prescribe a dangerous medication, fail to discuss side effects or prescribe it for unapproved reasons, this could lead to them being held liable. To learn what your rights are, you should immediately seek advice from a Louisville medication error lawyer.

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