Group Cites Litigation Plan Lease 21 Kentucky Nursing Homes

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According to the Kentucky Health News, Extendicare Health Services recently announced plans to lease its 21 Kentucky nursing home facilities. The homes will go to an unnamed Texas-based company. 

In the report, Extendicare chief executive officer Tim Lukenda say his company is leasing the facilities because of the state’s recent failure to pass legislation that protects nursing homes from lawsuits. 

He says: “The combination of a worsening litigation environment and the lack of any likelihood of tort reform in the state of Kentucky has made this the prudent decision for our company and its unitholders.” 

Lukenda is referring the most recent legislative session in which nursing home owners across the state lobbied for a new law to cut down on extraneous lawsuits against nursing homes. To put it into perspective, the Pembroke Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, which is owned by Extendicare, has been sued a whopping 20 times since 2002. 

The new law would have created medical review boards to evaluate all potential lawsuits against nursing homes, but it failed to be passed by state legislature. 

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