Vet Accused Stealing Thousands From Mother in Nursing Home

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A local Mount Washington, Kentucky vet was arrested last month after allegedly taking $170,000 from the bank account of her mother, who resides in a nursing home. However, it is unclear whether the vet, who has been identified as Dr. Pamela Johnsen, or someone else is ultimately responsible for taking money from this nursing home resident. 

According to NBC and other news outlets, Dr. Johnsen allegedly took the money to transfer to a man overseas. She had reportedly never met the man and it is possible that the man was involved in some type of international scam. 

Employees of Dr. Johnsen’s vet practice have told the media that Dr. Johnsen met a man she knew as Harry on After they began communicating online, the man allegedly told Dr. Johnsen that he needed money because his business was in trouble. He also reportedly promised that he would come to Kentucky, marry her, and take care of her. Employees believe that Dr. Johnsen and the man known as Harry never met or spoke on the phone and only communicated via text, email and Facebook. 

Dr. Johnsen had access to her mother’s financial accounts, as due to her mother’s health issues, she is her mother’s power of attorney. Dr. Johnsen allegedly claims that she was just borrowing the money. The police believe that her mother, a nursing home resident, is the true victim of this crime. 

Our Louisville nursing home abuse lawyers hope that Dr. Johnsen’s mother is able to recover the lost money.

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