Low Thyroid May Be Misdiagnosed as a Mental Health Condition

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In a report from SFGate, low thyroid may be misdiagnosed as a mental health condition. When you have been the victim of a misdiagnosis and suffered injuries, then you could be entitled to receive compensation.

Richard L. Shames, M.D., has released a new book, Thyroid Mind Power, in which he claims that research indicates many patients who are diagnosed with conditions such as depression or bipolar disorder may actually have a low thyroid. 

Therefore, not only is their thyroid not being properly treated but they are also receiving unnecessary medication. This comes on the heels of the FDA sending out a notice this past summer to the general public and the healthcare industry that a higher number of people were being hospitalized due to medication errors with anti-depressants.

Some of the errors were caused by medications that have similar sounding or looking names. There are also sometimes similarities with the labels, packaging, dosage and other components. Additionally, illegible prescriptions from doctors is another culprit.

Not only are patients suffering serious adverse reactions but they may be unnecessary. Instead, according to Dr. Shames, many of these patients simply need treatment for their thyroid, which is not only less expensive but safer.

Dr. Shames believes that too many people are being overlooked when it comes to a potential thyroid imbalance. Instead, antidepressant medication is quickly prescribed and as mentioned, sometimes with devastating consequences if given incorrectly.

If you were the victim of a medication error, you should contact a Kentucky medical malpractice attorney to learn what legal options may be available.

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