February 2009

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Hospital Sued After Catheter Left in Heart

From The Mercury News:  “Doctors at the San Mateo Medical Center left a five-inch catheter inside a Foster City man’s heart, causing an infection that complicated his fight against cancer, then tried to cover up the mistake, according to a lawsuit filed last week. Alan…

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Victim of Hospital’s Failure Hawaii Medical Malpractice Suit

From the Honolulu Star Bulletin: “A 45-year-old rancher won $6 million this week in a medical malpractice lawsuit against a Wahiawa physician. In an Oahu Circuit Court judgment filed Monday, Antonio Richardson won $4.1 million in special damages and $2 million in general damages against…

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Drug Mix-ups Harm 1 in 15 Hospitalized Children

Medicine mix-ups, accidental overdoses and bad drug reactions that harm hospitalized children have gotten more publicity since the case involving Dennis Quaid’s newborn twins in 2007.  Quaid’s twins were given 1,000 times the common dosage of a blood thinner at the hospital.  This case is…

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