Hospital Negligence

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Kentucky Woman Allegedly Suffers Third-degree Burns during Surgery

Last month, 55-year-old Clara Brewer allegedly had a surgical procedure at Knox County Hospital in Barbourville, Kentucky. Specifically, Ms. Brewer was reportedly in the hospital to undergo a temporal lobe biopsy. Her family now alleges that something went horribly wrong and that Ms. Brewer was…

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Study Finds Hospital Staff Change of Shift Dangerous for Patients

A recent study published as a research letter in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that the way in which doctors who are ending their shift discuss patients with doctors who are on the next shift can have a significant safety outcome for patients. The…

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Vicarious Liability for Death by Drug-Addicted Surgeon

It’s unbelievable to us that a hospital continues evading vicarious liability for having employed a drug-addicted surgeon whose negligent care resulted in a patient’s severe injuries and, ultimately, his untimely painful death. The widow filed her lawsuit against the hospital for vicarious liability of the…

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New Yorker Awarded $19.2 Million Verdict

From Ny Daily News .com: ” A paralyzed father of three plans to move from a nursing facility back home with his family after winning a $19.2 million negligence award against Montefiore Medical Center earlier this month. Wilfredo Figueroa, 58, was working as a radiology…

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Hospital Sued After Catheter Left in Heart

From The Mercury News:  “Doctors at the San Mateo Medical Center left a five-inch catheter inside a Foster City man’s heart, causing an infection that complicated his fight against cancer, then tried to cover up the mistake, according to a lawsuit filed last week. Alan…

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