Posted on May 19, 2013

Last month, 55-year-old Clara Brewer allegedly had a surgical procedure at Knox County Hospital in Barbourville, Kentucky. Specifically, Ms. Brewer was reportedly in the hospital to undergo a temporal lobe biopsy. Her family now alleges that something went horribly wrong and that Ms. Brewer was injured during surgery.

Her family is charging that the doctor was using a cauterizer to close Ms. Brewer’s wound when the instrument, or a spark therefrom, reacted with the oxygen that was in use during surgery and allegedly set Ms. Brewer’s face on fire. Her niece told the media that Ms. Brewer suffered third-degree burns, that her eyes were swollen shut, and that she did not look like herself.

Ms. Brewer was reportedly transferred to the University of Kentucky Hospital where she spent several days in the burn unit. Her family reports that she was in a lot of pain in the days following the alleged surgical injury. They are not yet sure if she has suffered permanent damage and report that they remain concerned about the risk of infection.

Knox County Hospital declined to talk to the media about these allegations. However, the media reports that a hospital spokesperson confirmed that there was an incident that is currently the subject of an internal investigation.

Our Kentucky medical malpractice lawyers extend their best wishes to Clara Brewer for a full and fast recovery from her injuries, and we hope that no permanent or further complications occur that interfere with her safe recovery.

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