2nd Serious Injury Lawsuit on Set of Transformers 3

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Chicago, Illinois. Weeks following the tragic accident that resulted in an extra or stuntwoman suffering critical injuries during the filming of the “Transformers 3” movie, another employee was the victim of an unfortunate accident while on set. The injured individual, a welder who worked on special effects for the production, filed a lawsuit alleging that he was seriously hurt after a grinder he tried to use spun out of control.
According to allegations in the complaint that was filed in Cook County, the plaintiff was caused to suffer “severe and permanent damage to his arm” after he turned on the piece of equipment. The injured employee claims that a temporary control panel in the building where he was working at the time of the incident was “negligently wired” to supply 220 volts, and that nobody warned him before he plugged in the 110-volt grinder.

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