Boating on Kentucky Rivers and Lakes—Are You in Danger?

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Kentucky is a landlocked state. Despite our beautiful rivers and lakes, our state does not border an ocean. Unless they are traveling, our boaters do not deal with the large waves of the Atlantic Ocean, the fierce storms of the Gulf of Mexico, or the unpredictability of the Pacific Ocean. Yet, we do have our own share of concerns on our rivers, such as the Ohio River, and our lakes, such as Lake Cumberland.

3 Things You Need to Know Before You Boat in Kentucky

The majority of U.S. boating deaths occur in lakes—including ponds, reservoirs, dams and gravel pits—and rivers—including streams, creeks, swamps and bayous. In 2013, the United States Coast Guard reported 265 recreational boating deaths in lakes and 169 recreational boating deaths on rivers. In comparison, there were just 40 recreational boating deaths in the oceans.

Some of the reasons why boat accident deaths occur on lakes and rivers include:

  • Changes in water levels
  • Areas of locks or dams that can be difficult to maneuver
  • A feeling of safety

Of course, there are also other reasons for boating deaths on Kentucky lakes and rivers.

What to Do If the Worst Thing Happens

Will you know what to do if your spouse, child, sibling, or parent dies in a Kentucky boat accident? Don’t let your questions go unanswered during this difficult time. Instead, start an online chat with us and read our free boat accident articles to get the information that you need to make important decisions for your family now.

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