5 Common Types of Negligence in a Kentucky Personal Injury Claim

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An accident in Louisville may have led to serious injuries, resulting in expensive medical bills and lost wages. A Kentucky personal injury claim can address the financial, physical and emotional losses you have suffered. Speaking with a Jefferson County accident attorney as soon as possible is the best way to learn what legal options are available.

You will need to establish that the other driver acted in a negligent manner. This will require evidence such as a police report, witnesses’ statements or pictures of the accident scene.

Negligence that Could Lead to a Car Crash

Here are 5 common types of negligence that can lead to a Kentucky personal injury claim: 

  • aggressive driving (making frequent lane changes, tailgating);
  • driving under the influence (alcohol, street drugs or prescription drugs);
  • speeding;
  • violating traffic signals or signs; and
  • distracted driving (texting while driving, talking on the phone, eating, putting on makeup). 

These are just some of the types of negligence that can cause an accident to happen. You could be entitled to compensation if it can be shown that someone else acted in a careless or reckless manner, resulting in your injuries.

If you are filing a Kentucky personal injury claim, you should have an understanding of the elements of a negligence case. If an accident in Louisville led to serious injuries, then you should consult with a Jefferson County accident attorney. 

Contacting a Jefferson County Accident Attorney

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