5 Tips for Driving Safely with Tractor Trailers on Kentucky Roads

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Thousands of people are injured in truck accidents each year, many of which are preventable, provided drivers develop better safe driving habits. Driver distraction and inattention to blind spots are just 2 of the common causes of truck accidents.

Try using these 5 safety tips when sharing the highway with tractor trailers. 

  • Don’t stop suddenly in front of a truck; it can take up to the length of an entire football field for a rig to come to a complete stop.
  • Avoid truck drivers’ blind spots, which are located around the front, back, and sides of the truck. Before moving around the truck, make sure you can see the driver’s face in the side mirror. (If you can’t, the driver can’t see you either.)
  • Never attempt to squeeze into the inside area between the truck and the curb while the driver is swinging wide to the left during a right turn.
  • Try not to travel alongside tractor trailers for longer than necessary.
  • Make sure your car is visible to the truck driver before passing. Use your signal, ease over, and then pass swiftly and cautiously. 

Driving defensively around commercial trucks can reduce the risk of serious truck accidents, and can help keep you and everyone else on the road safer. If you need further instruction to help you or your teen to learn safe driving techniques, you might want to attend a Louisville driving class.

Contacting a Kentucky Truck Accident Lawyer

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