An Eye for an Eye—Justice for Kentucky Nursing Home Abuser Victims?

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You may have seen the videos taken by hidden cameras in Kentucky nursing home residents’ rooms, or perhaps you’ve read newspaper articles detailing what has happened. Whatever the source of your awareness, don’t you agree that abuse of nursing home residents is a horrible crime?

What if the punishment fit the crime—to a T? What if the sentence for an abuser was exactly the treatment to which he or she subjected a vulnerable resident—an eye for an eye, real Old-Testament biblical justice? Perhaps knowing that they would have to experience exactly the type of abuse they inflicted would be the ideal deterrent.

Of course, this is anger speaking. Even if the punishment is deserved, what sets us apart from the abuser is the revulsion we feel at the thought of such abuse.

Whereas an abuser may toss around a frail 85-year-old with bones that break easily, could you wish this upon anyone, even the abuser?

Upon discovering that a nursing home staff member has been giving residents antipsychotic drugs to make them less work, could you approve of drugging the abuser to the point that he or she is unaware of the need to use the bathroom and ends up lying in filth?

The way to make them pay is through public disclosure, banishment from ever working at a similar job, and legal procedures. Perhaps in addition to serving time in jail, the abuser could be required to provide community service hours—for years—that indirectly benefit nursing home abuse victims. Any justice beyond such measures is not up to us.

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