You can be a seasoned motorcycle rider with all the proper safety gear and a well maintained bike and still be involved in a serious Kentucky motorcycle accident because another driver's negligence. The important thing to note is that every motorcyclist is at risk of injury from negligent drivers - regardless of the precautions taken.

Injuries sustained from Kentucky motorcycle accidents tend to be more severe than passenger vehicle crashes because the motorcycle rider is offered less protection from their vehicle. While a car has doors, a frame and a roof to help prevent ejection, a motorcyclist is often thrown from their bike because there is nothing to restrain them. This can easily result in serious or permanent impact injuries.

The types of traumatic impact injuries that are common to a Kentucky motorcycle accident include: 

  • spinal cord injury;
  • broken bones;
  • traumatic brain injury;
  • severe lacerations;
  • internal hemorrhaging;
  • disfigurement;
  • burns; and
  • loss of limb.  

Many Kentucky motorcycle accident injuries can lead to lifetime disability, if not death. The treatment and rehabilitation for such injuries can be costly and long-term, which are burdens you and your family should not have to deal with when another party is at fault for your motorcycle accident.

Understanding the basics of a Kentucky motorcycle accident is important when you are recovering from such a devastating event. A Louisville motorcycle accident attorney can help you to make sense of the Kentucky personal injury claims process, and work on your side to get the compensation you deserve. 

When to Contact a Louisville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Kentucky, the attorneys at Gray and White Law are here to help. We have successfully handled many Kentucky motorcycle accident and wrongful death cases. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation of your case - 888-450-4456.

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