How Technology May Prevent Your Grandmother’s Death From Nursing Home Abuse

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New technology may be the last thing on your grandmother’s mind. Whether or not she has an interest in the internet, she still prefers face-to-face conversations and getting her news from newspapers, television or radio. She still believes she is safe in her nursing home.

New Technology May Make Her Even Safer

Recently, Kentucky began offering the Kentucky Applicant Registry and Employment Screening (KARES) program to nursing homes and other facilities. The program allows nursing home and other long-term care providers to use a fingerprint system to check potential employees in state and federal databases. More specifically, KARES allows nursing homes to have their potential employees be fingerprinted and run that information not only through Kentucky’s criminal records but also FBI records. Once the fingerprints are scanned, they are sent to the local police and to the FBI and within one to three days nursing homes can get a report about any criminal behavior that has been reported in the country.

The purpose of using this technology is to reduce the incidents of abuse, neglect and exploitation of nursing home residents and others who require long-term care. It means that if an applicant has committed a crime in another state, that person cannot come to Kentucky and seek to work with those who are vulnerable to abuse or neglect in our state.

Does Your Grandmother’s Nursing Home Participate in KARES?

While nursing homes are strongly encouraged to participate in the program, their participation is voluntary. However, the nursing home does have an obligation to properly screen potential employees in order to protect residents from abuse and neglect regardless of whether or not it participates in KARES. If you have questions about how staff at your grandmother’s nursing home are screened or how your grandmother is protected from abuse and neglect then it is important to ask questions as soon as possible, before a tragedy occurs.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured in a Nursing Home?

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