February 2015

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The police are refusing to investigate my loved one’s recent death in a nursing home. Can I still sue?

Yes, you may still have the right to bring a civil lawsuit even if the police or the prosecutor’s office refuses to investigate your loved one’s death. Why They Won’t Pursue a Criminal Case The police and the prosecutor may have decided that it is…

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What kinds of things will help my court case if I file a wrongful death lawsuit after a fatal truck accident?

You are likely pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit after the loss of your loved one for two reasons. First, you want to hold the negligent driver accountable for your loved one’s death, and second, you want to make a fair recovery. Accordingly, it is important…

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My loved one died after contracting hepatitis A in her nursing home. Is that nursing home neglect?

We are sorry to hear about your losing your loved one. Sometimes hepatitis A infections are caused by nursing home neglect, and other times these infections are just unfortunate accidents. In order to determine whether your loved one got sick and died because of nursing…

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Don’t Let Criminal Charges Deter Your Nursing Home Abuse Case

There is a criminal case pending against the nursing home staff member who abused your loved one. The case may or may not be getting a lot of press, but you are following it closely. You want the Commonwealth of Kentucky to hold this criminal…

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Why Infections May Be a Sign of Nursing Home Negligence

This isn’t the first time that your loved one has gotten a serious infection in a nursing home. It isn’t the first time that you’ve sat with her in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or that you’ve prayed for her quick recovery. It may not…

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Fatal Motor Vehicle Crashes: What You Should Know About the Past and the Future

All it takes is one negligent driver to end a life and change a family forever. The impact is personal and independent of other fatal accidents. While even one fatal accident is one too many, it is important to understand recent trends in fatal crashes…

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