Elder Justice Initiative Is One Tool in the Fight Against Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

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sad elderly woman looking out windowThe U.S. Department of Justice’s Elder Justice Initiative identifies fighting elder abuse as a “key priority” of the Department of Justice. Specifically, the Elder Justice Initiative seeks to protect senior citizens from six types of abuse, including:

  1. Physical abuse
  2. Caregiver neglect and abandonment
  3. Financial fraud
  4. Sexual abuse
  5. Scams and exploitation
  6. Psychological abuse

The Elder Justice Initiative website is designed as a “critical resource” for elder abuse victims, their families, elder abuse prosecutors, researchers, and others. Here, you can find information about important resources near you if you or your loved one is hurt by elder abuse or neglect. Additionally, you can find information about how to prevent elder abuse.

Kentucky Is One of Ten Regional Task Forces

As part of the elder law initiative, the Department of Justice has created ten regional Elder Justice Task Forces. One of those task forces includes the Eastern and Western District of Kentucky. Kentucky’s task force, like the other nine around the country, include representatives from:

  • U.S. Attorneys’ offices
  • State Medicaid Fraud Control Units
  • State and local prosecutors’ offices
  • The federal Department of Health and Human Services
  • State adult protective service agencies
  • State long-term care ombudsman programs
  • Law enforcement
  • Agencies that provide services to the elderly

Together, the goal of the representatives who make up each task force is to “…coordinate and enhance efforts to pursue nursing homes that provide grossly substandard care to their residents.”

Other Ways to Stop Nursing Home Abuse

The Elder Justice Initiative may play an important part in preventing nursing home abuse. Still, as the relative of a Kentucky nursing home resident, you can’t count on it to prevent all cases of abuse.

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Your loved one could still be hurt, and it will be up to you to take the necessary steps to hold the nursing home accountable. You don’t have to do it alone, however. Instead, we encourage you to contact our experienced Louisville nursing home abuse lawyers ​to schedule a free consultation if you notice any signs of nursing home abuse. Nursing home abuse and neglect should never happen, and we are committed to helping abuse or neglect victims get the recovery they deserve.