Harmful Effects of a Radiation Error

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The effects of a radiation error can be absolutely devastating. Recent stories of patients who have been seriously harmed by a radiation overdose have raised the level of concern for this type of treatment. While radiation can be helpful for patients with malignant tumors, a radiation mistake can be extremely harmful.

A radiation error can lead to harmful effects such as: 

  • organ failure
  • tissue damage
  • reduced cell reproduction
  • damaged DNA
  • burns
  • cell damage
  • bone marrow destruction
  • infection
  • hemorrhaging
  • blood vessel damage
  • brain swelling
  • shock
  • neurological disturbances
  • death

No patient should have to suffer further injuries because of a radiation error. The reality is that many of these types of medication errors are completely preventable.

A Kentucky personal injury lawyer will evaluate your case and order an investigation into your injuries if there is evidence that a radiation overdose has occurred. An attorney will protect your legal rights and collect the necessary evidence to build your Kentucky medication error claim.

If you have been the victim of a radiation mistake, contact an attorney who has experience handling medication error claims in Kentucky. 

Contacting a Kentucky Personal Injury Lawyer

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