Kentucky Kids Suffer From the Loss of School Nurses

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Fewer school nurses can mean more medication errors in Kentucky schools. In recent months, schools in Louisville and throughout the United States have laid off or reduced the hours of on-site school nurses. This unfortunate move has come about as a response to tight education budgets, and it has had serious consequences for many children.

The number of medication errors has increased since schools have lost their full-time, on-site nurses. According to an article earlier this year on the website, in the absence of a school nurse, children who need medication at school receive it from unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP), such as teachers and office staff. These nonmedical personnel are administering insulin injections to diabetic children, liquid medication through gastric tubes, and epinephrine injections for emergency allergic reactions.

The UAP have been given a difficult job on top of their regular duties, and they are probably uneasy performing tasks for which they are not trained. But the kids are the real victims. 

What kind of medication errors are occurring? Here are a few examples:

  • Not giving medication that should have been given;
  • Giving medications to the wrong child;
  • Giving the wrong medications to children;
  • Giving medications at the wrong time; 
  • Giving medications in the wrong manner, such as eye drops in the ear;
  • Drug diversion, or using the medications for recreational purposes; and
  • Not storing medications properly.

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