Liability for Prescription Errors

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If you receive the incorrect medication or are prescribed an incorrect dosage, serious side effects can occur. Not all medications and dosages are safe for everyone, so taking medication in error can cause serious damage to your body and can even be life-threatening. When this happens, there are several entities that could be responsible for the prescription error. A Louisville prescription error attorney can review your case and help you determine liability. 

Because many drugs have names that sound similar, it can be easy for your doctor to get confused and prescribe the wrong one. In addition, illegible handwriting can cause a prescription error. A prescription can be misinterpreted, with important decimals or numbers missing. If a doctor prescribes you medication that interacts negatively with any other medications you are taking, he or she can be found liable for a prescription error. 

Liability for a prescription error may lie with the pharmacy if the doctor prescribes the correct medication and dosage but the pharmacist mixes up the medication with another patient’s medication, for example. Or the pharmacist was perhaps in a hurry and gave you the wrong dosage. 

Hospital staff can also be found liable for a prescription error if a nurse misread or ignored your doctor’s instructions and gave you a different medication or dosage instead. 

If you are a victim of a prescription error, contact a Louisville prescription error attorney from Gray & White. They are well-versed in laws regarding medication errors and can help you determine liability for any damage you suffered. Contact them today at 1-502-210-8942.