Neglect of Nursing Home Residents Is Appalling, Kentucky

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All too often I hear about nursing home residents falling, developing bedsores, or wandering off the property. What do these incidents scream of? Negligence.

When I think of someone I love in a nursing home not being properly cared for, it makes me heartsick.

How would you feel if you were paying for your father’s nursing home care, and you found out that he had walked off the property onto a busy road? What if, during a visit with your aunt at a Louisville nursing home, she reached to get a cup of water and you saw horrific bedsores on her?

Where Are the Caregivers?!

Seeing as they are being paid to care for the residents, where are the caregivers when these things occur—when residents wander off, or when they lie for long hours in the same position, as bedsores start to eat away at their flesh?

I’d like to think that most people who work in nursing homes truly care for the residents, and that seeing a caregiver abusing or neglecting even one of them would be as likely as running into a leprechaun. People who dislike other people in general don’t, by choice, go into a field that requires caring and compassion.

I understand that nursing homes are usually dreadfully understaffed. The owners need to make a profit, of course, but do they believe those few dollars more are worth the life of a resident? Methinks they are in the wrong business; they should be caring for inanimate objects, not people.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured in a Nursing Home?

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